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Wrapping and Packaging Machines

0 - RECONDITIONED no   Russia2007"RECONDITIONED" means — NEW electric with inverter, NEW oil, belts, motor, bearings, rubber parts, revolver head, repainted
1 - Nagema EF4 no   Germany 1988Top Wrapping machine for round chocolates.
0 - Nagema EL5 Fullsize Germany1985vienna-fruit fold wrapping machine for chocolate articles, reconditioned.
0 - Nagema EF2 no   Germany1982vienna-fruit fold wrapping machine for chakalate articles, reconditioned
0 - Nagema EL9 Fullsize 01982-87double-twist wrapping machine for caramel, reconditioned
0 - Otto Hansel 8000 X2DUO Fullsize Germany1982double-twist wrapping machine for caramel, as is, in very good working condition, 2pcs
0 - Nagema EL2 Fullsize Germany1982-84vienna-fruit fold wrapping machine for caramel, reconditioned. Could be provide with hand-feeding table for right-angled bonbons
0 - Nagema EU7 Fullsize Germany1986double-twist wrapping machine for chocolate articles, reconditioned
0 - Nagema EU5 no   Germany1980double-twist wrapping machine for chocolate articles, reconditioned
0 - ZKCA KievProdMash Fullsize 1985Ukrainedouble-twist wrapping machine for chocolate articles, as is. Like old Nagema machines. In working condition.
0 - Nagema MG1 Fullsize Germany1981praline feeding belts, reconditioned
0 - Nagema EB1 Fullsize Germany1984-87Chocolate tablet wrapper, 2 papers, aluminium and outer paper 100gr, 120x35mm, 157x77mm, 115x30mm, 80x55mm, other sizes are possible
0 - Sapal BB Fullsize Switzerland1964Chocolate tablet wrapper, 2 papers, aluminium and outer paper, reconditioned, 2 pcs.
0 - Nagema U460 no   Germany0Chocolate tablet wrapper, 2 papers, aluminium and outer paper,
0 - Otto Hansel HN-KS no   Germany0small bars wrapping machine, not working
0 - Nagema LA1 Fullsize Germany1984line for toffee, batch roller, roper sizer and wrapper, double-twist, reconditioned
0 - Nagama LA2 Fullsize Germany1982-91line for toffee, batch roller, roper-sizer and wrapper, fold-wrap, reconditioned
0 - Nagema ST2 no   Gernany1984stick-pack machine
0 - Loesch LTM-GR NEW Fullsize Germany1995packaging machine for cookies, 2 papers or film, NEW. For right-angled 2 papers or FILM packaging. 3 sizes, 1 or 2 rows. Auto-feeder. Printer
0 - Trimek Pachema PH3 no   Sweden1988carton erector, lenth 75-550mm, width 45-320mm, height 30-130mm, max blank size 700x850mm, 5-10 strokes/min
0 - Nagema PAK10 / K467 Fullsize 00packaging machine for cookies, 2 papers, 200gr, 100gr, 50gr
0 - Nagema WAB1-1 Fullsize Germany1991box filling machine, 2-25kg, NEW, 2 pcs.
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